Open Source Support ProgramPushing open source

The ReactOS project believes in open source as a life philosophy. For this reason we created an "Open Source Support Program" in order to promote other open source projects.

Applications that participate in the "Open Source Support Program" will enjoy the following:

  • Inclusion into the ReactOS Desktop App Manager
  • Inclusion into the new ReactOS Setup App Manager

The "Open Source Support Program" is a free service provided by the ReactOS Foundation.

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Who can join?

Any open source app is a perfect candidate to join the "Open Source Support Program".

For more information about the requirements, please read our FAQ at the bottom of this page.

What are the advantages?

Probably the main advantage is promoting your open source alternative totally free from within ReactOS.

You can also have a chance of being included into the "Official Support Program" for free.

All this for Free?


We have released more than 4,96 million lines of code for free, why wouldn't we be supporting and backing those who share with us the open source spirit!

ReactOS Desktop App Manager

Thanks to ReactOS Desktop App manager, users can easily install your open source app from a provided categorized list.


ReactOS Setup Manager

A new feature that will allow users to freely select and install your open source app during the ReactOS Community setup stage. Your software will be ready to run by the end of the installation.

  • How can my open source app join the "Open Source Support Program"? +

    ReactOS actively picks and includes several open source apps to the "Open Source Support Program". This way we keep endorsing and backing the effort of the open source communities, the effort that they put into their apps. We know how many “white nights" an open source app can consume.

    However, if your open source app is not included and you want to suggest its inclusion to the program, please feel free to contact us.

  • Are there any restrictions to apps inclusion? +

    Nope. We accept open source apps from particulars, foundations or companies. The only requisite is: they have to be open source!
  • I want to join the "Open Source Support Program" my app. Can I help you back in any way? +

    We don't really enforce any "official requirements". Whether you would send us a cake, add our "Push us, push your ReactOS" banner in your website, help us to promote our crowdfunding campaigns, assign one of your developers to fix your ReactOS API calls, buy us a Headquarter... The short answer is: Surprise us!
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