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ReactOS Team wakes up each morning with a main objective:

Improving the overall compatibility to provide the best user experience.

For this reason we've created an "Official Hardware Support" program which hardware vendors can join to help boosting ReactOS compatibility regarding their own.

Some of the advantages of joining the "Official Hardware Support" programs

  • Driven development model towards your set/piece of hardware.
  • All the ReactOS Corporate Editions will properly support your hardware.
  • Our ReactOS Partners will act as prescriptors of your hardware.
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Who can join?

Any hardware company which wants to have one or some of its series Officially supported

These pieces of hardware will become part of the "Official Supported Hardware" list

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Agreements with companies joining this specific program will be kept under a NDA.

More info about privacy and Ghost Mode in the FAQs section below

Contact Us!

Feel free to contact us, as others did.

Any communication will be held directly by the Department and not made public

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Driven developmentmodel

The ReactOS Development Team will drive development towards supporting properly the "Official Supported Hardware". This way we ensure they work properly under the ReactOS Corporate Edition.


Ghost Mode

We accept Ghost Mode partnerships, if you desire so. Others already did, and you don't know about it: That's the Ghost Mode.

  • Who can join the "Official Hardware Support" program? +

    Any hardware manufacturer which wants to have its hardware officially supported can join the "Official Hardware Support" program. It ranges from Opensource Hardware to Embedded hardware vendors.
  • How hardware pieces are included in the "Official Hardware Support" program? +

    There are two ways:

    A vendor requests its hardware to join the program.

    ReactOS decides to add a specific piece or set of hardware into the Program.

  • Which are the advantages of the “Official Hardware Support” program? +

    Hardware or set of Hardware included in this program will have the following benefits:

    • Driven development model. ReactOS will develop all the needed code to support properly the hardware drivers.

    • Intensive testing. All the “ReactOS Corporate Edition" releases will support properly the Hardware release through release.

    • New Corporate clients.ReactOS Partners will act as prescriptors of the “Official Hardware” supported to the final client recommending their use.

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