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This Month in ReactOS (2015-12)

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Welcome to This Month in ReactOS, a short, monthly digest covering the development of ReactOS. This issue covers the month of December, 2015. This issue tracks progress of Core. It does not include the Build Environment, Tests, or Online Services.

This month we saw:

  • 187 commits (r70225-r70477) from 12 developers
  • 153 new issues created
  • 89 issues resolved as fixed (117 resolved overall)

Notable changes

MSVC builds and debuggers


For some time now, the MSVC builds would break early in the boot process and wait for a debugger to be attached. This made using MSVC builds unreasonable for normal users and a nuisance for developers and testers. MSVC builds will now continue to boot if no debugger is present.

USB ejection


Ejecting mass storage devices will no longer crash ReactOS.

Pen fixes


Bugs in the GDI pen implementation have been fixed. Applications that use dotted or dashed lines (such as our own RApps for category hierarchy) will now draw them.


This month we saw contributions to Core from the following people:

  • Adam Stachowicz
  • Carlo Bramini
  • Erdem Ersoy
  • Henry Tang Ih
  • Ismael Ferreras Morezuelas
  • Jared Smudde
  • Mark Jansen
  • Michael Fritscher
  • Ricardo Hanke
  • Ștefan Fuela
  • Tim Crawford
  • Victor Martinez
  • andy-123
  • reactosfanboy

Other news

A release candidate for ReactOS 0.4.0 has been made. The ISO can be downloaded from the SorceForge project page.

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