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This Month in ReactOS (2015-11)

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Welcome to This Month in ReactOS, a short, monthly digest covering the development of ReactOS. This issue covers the month of November, 2015.

This issue tracks progress of Core. It does not include the Build Environment, Tests, or Online Services.

This month we saw:

  • 367 commits (r69768-r70224) from 13 developers
  • 153 new issues created
  • 84 issues resolved as fixed (108 resolved overall)

Notable changes



Ricardo Hanke has written a Windows XP-like clipboard viewer and clip command line utility.



Fixes for Winsock have begun to trickle in. Peter Hater has been compiling patches to fix issues in ws2_32_new and related components.



ACPICA is an OS-independent reference implementation of the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface specification. ACPI is used for hardware discovery, configuration, and monitoring. ACPICA has been synced to version 20150930. The HPET (High Precision Event Timer) hack needed to prevent VMware from locking up has been removed.

Wine sync


ReactOS utilizes a lot of code from the Wine project, which provides implementations for many Windows DLLs. Most components used by ReactOS have been, or are being, synced to Wine Staging 1.7.55.


This month we saw contributions to Core from the following people:

  • Adam Stachowicz
  • Carlo Bramini
  • Henry Tang Ih
  • Ismael Ferreras Morezuelas
  • Jared Smudde
  • Kudratov Olimjon
  • Lee Schroeder
  • Mark Jansen
  • Peter Hater
  • Ricardo Hank
  • Samuel Serapión
  • Ștefan Fulea
  • Vort
  • dsp8195

Other news

The monthly status meeting happened on November 26th. Look for the meeting minutes soon.

Revision 70000 has been used to create the ReactOS 0.4.0 release branch. (No, I do not know when it will be released.)

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  • Comment Link Thomas Wednesday, 02 December 2015 05:01 posted by Thomas

    Rather than downloading the binary, I read that it's better to compile an os on the machine it's meant to run on. Is that true, or is it unnecessary?


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