Friday, 03 October 2014 16:02

Moonshot Finale

The virtual conference room was deathly quiet as Colin and Z finished their report.  The gathered represented the core of the project’s decision makers as well as a few of the relevant developers and alumni.  All of them were gapping in some fashion or another at the two men standing before them.  The first one to verbally react was KJK, who burst out laughing.  The others looked somewhat incredulously at him until he managed to recompose himself.

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Discover the USB design!

A couple of weeks ago T-shirts were finally shipped to our IndieGoGo backers.

Now it's time for the ReactOS USB, a really special edition which you can't miss!

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T-shirts are, finally, heading your home

Yesterday we were confirmed that ReactOS Indiegogo T-shirts were being shipped. So if you bought a perk during the campaign which included a T-shirt, then you'll have it really soon in your hands.

It took a little bit longer than expected so thanks once more for your patience. If there isn't any bump in the road, or a hard cloud in the sky, your door will be knocked pretty soon...

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