Trying to fix Java 7RE support in ReactOS led us to find several bugs in a row.
First we found ourselves a "big" bug when installing Java 7 which was making ReactOS to show a nice-bluish window of death. We, then, decided to check if Java 6 was installing and running, and while it installs, was suffering a big memory manager bug: The Pool bug.
Now, once the Pool bug is fixed, it's time to "go back to the future" and check again the Java 7RE setup issue.

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Tuesday, 07 October 2014 16:28

Development: Java RE 7. Fixing starts!

Fixing the Java RE!

As you may know, JRE 7 has been the Most voted app by the Community in our latest IGG campaign. You've decided, through your votes, that JRE should be running on top of ReactOS, and now it's our time to begin developing the needed compatibility to make it work. If you want to discover how we're fixing it, just keep reading...

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