Friday, 20 November 2015 01:00

A Year's Progress: The Shell

This is part of a series of articles covering ReactOS development since the Indiegogo campaign.

As you may remember, the ReactOS Community Edition is going to be based on the amazing ReactOS 0.4 series about to be launched. ReactOS 0.4 has a lower failure rate (less that 0.1% failure from over 10 million tests!), comes with support for NTFS and ext3 file systems, and improves hardware compatibility. All of this will become part of the Community Edition, in addition to a new visual interface and much more!

Because of your backing the Indiegogo campaign, one of ReactOS 0.4's biggest deliverables will be the new shell. The shell, on ReactOS and Windows, is the graphical interface that a user interacts with. It encompasses the desktop, taskbar, start menu, and file explorer. What good would a great visual style be, if it was full of holes and bugs?

So let’s go over how the ReactOS user interface has evolved over the last few years, and discover what your support has made possible.

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Discover the USB design!

A couple of weeks ago T-shirts were finally shipped to our IndieGoGo backers.

Now it's time for the ReactOS USB, a really special edition which you can't miss!

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T-shirts are, finally, heading your home

Yesterday we were confirmed that ReactOS Indiegogo T-shirts were being shipped. So if you bought a perk during the campaign which included a T-shirt, then you'll have it really soon in your hands.

It took a little bit longer than expected so thanks once more for your patience. If there isn't any bump in the road, or a hard cloud in the sky, your door will be knocked pretty soon...

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