Friday, 05 September 2014 00:00

Community: Discover the 3 most voted apps!

You voted for them. They're now the 3 most voted apps!

When we planned the IndieGoGo strike, one of our main objectives was to fulfill your wishes, and we thought that the best way to do that was to let you choose where to place the money raised during the campaign.

While the IGG campaign didn't reach the expected money-goal, we keep our word and we'll be pushing ReactOS development towards the 3 most voted pieces of software and hardware. It will take a bit longer, but it will be done.

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Sunday, 27 July 2014 20:38

Welcome to the ReactOS Community blog!

Each week a new surprise. That's our current objective for this month.

Today the ReactOS Community blog is opening its doors to all the news regarding the Community version. Until now all the hot news were sent using IndieGoGo updates so those not following the IGG page, or who didn't back us, weren't able to track properly our progress. A collaborative blog regarding the Community Edition is a must have for the rest of the "world" out there...

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