Monday, 03 November 2014 20:19

ReactOS 0.3.17 is about to be released!

Finally! the ReactOS 0.3.17 version is about to be released!

During the past weeks we couldn't share too much info regarding the Community Edition because our time has been kidnapped by the 0.3.17 release. Enjoy what's coming!

It was just time

As you may know, 0.3.16 was released in February this year. During the past months, tons of new features, rewrites and fixes have been piling up, so it was time to create a new awesome ReactOS version. 8 months of development is a lot and we're sure you'll really enjoy this new ReactOS version. Thanks to your debug log, we took special care about Real Hardware, so several rigs and hardware sets are now working! Also the Community Edition crowdfunding has helped to push 0.3.17 to a new level of compatibility, and this is just the start. Imagine what's coming in 0.4.

Bye Bye 0.3 series!

That's right! 0.3.17 is the definitive "Bye Bye" of the 0.3.x series which has been living with us for about 7 years. It just seems like "yesterday" we branched the revision r25456 as our 0.3.0 release in August 2006, and today we're about to release 0.3.17! There are literally 2.5 times more fixes between 0.3.0 to 0.3.17 than from the very first release to 0.3.0!

No, you really don't want to try 0.3.0 in VBOX.. In fact you simply can't, as VBOX wasn't even supported at that time.

The Party!

So yes!You really can't miss the 0.3.17 version. First of all, because it's a release after 8 months, so believe me when I say you will be absolutely amazed when you compare it with 0.3.16 (just check our tweets and enjoy all the screenshots of apps that work now in 0.3.17). Also, this version marks the end of an era, and for that that it deserves its own Party! You can't miss it, so that one day, you will feel proud of saying: "Ey dude! I am one of those privileged ones who tried the latest release in the 0.3.x series". This happens just once in a lifetime! Stay tuned! the ReactOS 0.3.17 version is about to be released.. Pretty soon!
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