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Introduction and Artwork

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Hello everybody and welcome to my first blog post.

For everyone who doesn’t know me I’ll first introduce myself.

My name is Robert Naumann and I’m part of the community since late 2006.

At first I just took a look from time to time, checked every new release to see how progress was going on. Later I started to perform some tests, created bugreports, retesting some existing bugs and finally (let it be two or three years ago or so) offered my first own patch. Nothing big, only a resizement of a label element in a resource file, IIRC.

Now I’m more or less part of the Community Edition team, which was a bit accidental.

PR related it happened the following:

The Thorium campaign started at Kickstarter, made some progress at first and then stopped. I saw that many backers are known people in the community and also that only a few magazines or tech sites were reporting the campaign. I waited about a week and then started to email some German tech sites/IT magazines. That was a success: after contacting, most of them began publishing articles about the KS campaign and we got some more pledges.
Although the campaign was not successful we earned something very important: Knowledge.
One part of this knowledge was that nothing is more important than PR if you want to raise such a big amount of funds.

Victor appreciated my former PR work and asked me directly if I’d help to contact magazines at the upcoming campaign, this time the official way.
So I got a community collected list and started to do PR work as Community Edition member.

How did I come to the Artwork related things?

After the shell-experiments branch was created, I checked it out to see how development was progressing.
I played around with it just for fun and applied the Lautus theme, created by Pisarz, to check if it looks very different in the new shell, it didn’t. But I was of the opinion that the theme was looking very ugly with the existing old Tango icons and luckily someone started a thread about icon sets in the ReactOS forum.
Thanks to it, I learned about the Faenza iconset, which is GPL fitting perfectly to our licenses.
I started to change the Desktop, My Computer (drives, etc.) and some start menu related icons in the old and the new shell and published screenshots at the thread topic. Most people liked them, a few not.

Here are the screenshots I posted:

First icon experiments with the old shell
First icon experiments with the new shell

After that, Victor asked me if I'd like to be the one, working in the iconset adaptation for the new Community Edition.

So that's how I also started to work in artwork related tasks.

The next step was to add a wallpaper. At first I took a wallpaper, created by Naums, from the forum, which fitted more or less well to the theme and the icons.
I was told that we won’t use the default ReactOS logo but our own community logo, so I created a wallpaper from scratch (Caution I’m not an artist :p ):

The wallpaper created by myself

Victor suggested to use a wallpaper using the color palette of the new website, and with "ReactOS" appearing on it, to make the link between this Community Edition and the ReactOS Foundation even more obvious. He was so glad to create an appropriate Wallpaper (Thank you Vic ;) ). This is the final one which you maybe already know from the concept images of the IGG campaign:

The wallpaper created by Victor

After that, I continued to create Faenza based icons for Rapps, accessories, games and control panel applets. I also started to replace the old logo to the new one, for example in the system properties but not at many places yet. I also added a community boot logo, which I will have to rework since it has some issues.

The last weeks/months I discontinued my work and did some other things as creating toolbar bitmaps for the old tango style, performing tests and tried to help in other corners.

But I’ll continue soon and show some progress.

You can see everything in the beta section if you bought a reward to gain access.
For the other ones I have some screenshots which are a bit older but show something.

The shell
The system properties
The application manager
Robert Naumann

sometimes providing general help in the form of small patches regarding translation, resources and stubbing missing functionality. Also helps out with PR related things.


  • Comment Link Peter Sunday, 10 August 2014 21:33 posted by Peter

    Amazing! But Like Anyone Else, I'm Wondering ; When Will Be The Release Of The Community Edition ?
    Will It Take Too Long (A Month Or So)?

    Thank You For Your Topic, I Really Enjoyed Reading It.

  • Comment Link Rodriguez Monday, 11 August 2014 00:41 posted by Rodriguez

    yeah! we all wondering when is the release ? i hope one of the staff help us with an answer.

  • Comment Link Robert Naumann Monday, 11 August 2014 11:18 posted by Robert Naumann

    Hey Guys,

    I really understand that you are really waiting for the release.
    Development is going on and the target moves closer day by day ad commit by commit.

    As stated on this website, the Community Edition will be based on the upcoming ReactOS 0.4 which has to be released at first before the official development can start (which doesn't mean that we don't force the development to add/fix CE related things, as you all can see by our blog posts ;) ).

    It will maybe take some more time but we're hardly pushing it forward that you can enjoy first results soon.

    Thanks for every support.

    You are the community and the community edition will be yours.

  • Comment Link JDK Tuesday, 12 August 2014 01:10 posted by JDK

    It would be nice to see that drivers working under win 7 and 8 would/ could work in ReactOS and fruity loops as LMMS is really not there yet without time stretching.

  • Comment Link Your Friend Tuesday, 12 August 2014 01:11 posted by Your Friend

    Всё нормально, ребята, я за вас ещё одну свечку поставил.
    Главное, продолжайте делать вид, что работаете.
    Иконки из старого гнома cтырили, стали ваши - молодцы! Все уже забыли какие они там были.

  • Comment Link Виктор Сергеевич Tuesday, 12 August 2014 01:47 posted by Виктор Сергеевич

    Может и взяли иконки, ну и что, лицензию это не нарушает и у иконок вторая жизнь.
    Зато сколько работы сделано, сколько труда вложено и всё получилось красиво.

  • Comment Link CSRedRat Tuesday, 12 August 2014 02:30 posted by CSRedRat

    Wow, nice!

  • Comment Link Víctor Martínez Tuesday, 12 August 2014 06:36 posted by Víctor Martínez

    @Your Friend
    Since we didn't reach the whole amount in our IndieGoGo campaign, we had to prioritize where to place the money raised.
    I wish we could afford to hire a designer to create our own icon set, however, it's not possible if we want to keep improving the software compatibility so we decided to use the Faenza iconset as Robert explained in the blog post.
    Btw, Faenza is an icon set created for Gnome/KDE, so modifying it to become a Windows/ReactOS compatible icon set has more work than you can imagine.

    @Виктор Сергеевич
    Thanks! The Faenza iconset is under GPL-compatible license so yes, we don't violate any copyright.

  • Comment Link Your Friend Wednesday, 13 August 2014 21:40 posted by Your Friend

    can u guys tell us the exact time will Reactos Community Edition Shall Be Released ?

  • Comment Link Tomasz Mann Thursday, 14 August 2014 14:20 posted by Tomasz Mann

    I am betting on 2015 comparatively 2016, but it like predicting from the bullet. If only came off to finish the work on the cover of the system this year and to correct at least a part of mistakes from bugzilli. It is worthwhile also mentioning the project wine which participates in this year's GSOC what ReactOS much will scoop up from of amendments.

  • Comment Link ц3п5 Saturday, 16 August 2014 10:13 posted by ц3п5

    Молодцы, ребята, удаляй комментарии, знай наших!

  • Comment Link Víctor Martínez Monday, 18 August 2014 09:42 posted by Víctor Martínez

    @YourFriend @Tomasz Mann
    Keep tuned :)
    Right now we've released a Newsletter feature in this website so you can track all the Community updates.
    And we're going to release more information as soon as we have it.
    ReactOS developers right now are fixing tons of big bugs (from Memory Management to Win32k) in order to have a decent base to create the needed compatibility. I'm sure you'll be amazed with their hard work there.

  • Comment Link hardtech Tuesday, 19 August 2014 18:48 posted by hardtech

    ReactOs non deve essere modificato dobbiamo farlo sembrare più possibile a un prodotto Microsoft...
    Era questo lo scopo del fondatore di ReactOs creare un sistema uguale a Windows

  • Comment Link Robert Naumann Thursday, 21 August 2014 18:34 posted by Robert Naumann


    We will not perform big changes to the project.
    What we'll do here is making the project more user/community oriented.

    The community chooses apps. We do our best to fix all bugs that block their usability.
    The Core project doesn't care about eye-candieness but everyone asks why ReactOS looks so ugl... sorry, I meant classic ;) ?
    We ship it out of the box with a fresh modern look.

    You have some Ideas, even if they don't follow the Core Project's development guidelines? Just tell us. We'll see if there's some useful inspiration.

    No big changes, only more focus on the community. It is still the same and has the same target: let the user feel that he works on Windows even if he is not.

  • Comment Link crank123 Sunday, 24 August 2014 02:49 posted by crank123

    Will you guys intend to push towards Vista or higher compatibility in the future?

  • Comment Link Alexander Tuesday, 26 August 2014 10:42 posted by Alexander

    Господи, ребят, найдите хорошего дизайнера, это очень важно, даже важнее чем некоторые функциональные фичи. То что сейчас - полное говно. Посмотрите на системы mac и ios (!), andriod L и windows 8 (только не на квадраты из пуска), будет крутой дизайн - и пользователи потянутся. Только сами не решайте какой хороший или нет - я смотрю у вас это не получается (я про разработчиков), даже кнопки не можете выровнять нормально *facepalm*.

  • Comment Link Jose Felix Tuesday, 26 August 2014 17:49 posted by Jose Felix

    Buen Día

    La verdad muy contento de que al parecer por fin se ven cosas mas reales y tangibles en Reactos

    Conozco de Reactos desde el 2005, lo he estado siguiendo por la web propia y varios blogs me he bajado todas las versiones para el año que viene se va a cumplir 10 años de conocer Reactos esperando que por fin se llegue a la versión beta la cual dicen que es de uso diario.

    Felicidades a todos por su titánica jornada

    De mi parte un amigo mas


  • Comment Link Jalal Uddin Thursday, 04 September 2014 13:22 posted by Jalal Uddin

    A very beautiful artwork.

  • Comment Link Webunny Thursday, 04 September 2014 20:27 posted by Webunny

    Nice blog/article.

    Speaking of Wallpapers... Vic:

    Weren't you going to create some poll/voting thingy like I did with the normal ROS (trunk) (not that I hear much about that anymore, even though I put it on JIRA)?

    I mean, the wallpaper (the first one) looks good, but I'm assuming some more will be there, just as was the case with Win XP. When I did the votingstuff in the forum, you were first complaining because you thought it was the RCE and you missed my first posts about it, and you were going to do something similar for RCE, you said. Any news/update on, that?

  • Comment Link Not yet. Friday, 05 September 2014 15:15 posted by Not yet.

    It's probably a bit early for such a vote.
    Plus I thought it was mentioned that it would be a surprise.

  • Comment Link Webunny Friday, 05 September 2014 17:48 posted by Webunny

    Really? I thought Vic mentioned it in the forum; hardly a place to keep it under the radar as a surprise. Then again, not all backers read the forum, so most should still be (reasonably) surprised, I guess. I agree it might be a bit soon to already start voting right now, but I think a lot of preparation needs to be done on forehand as well. That could already be done. The actual voting could be done whenever one wants, then. A recurrent complaint is being shorthanded; well, I'm willing to help out with the wallpaper thing. If/when one starts, feel free to pm me for any help.

  • Comment Link Russian Saturday, 13 December 2014 20:23 posted by Russian

    ReactOS, как я понимаю должна поддерживать весь софт, который работает на windows, в том числе и драйвера для различных устройств и в то же время совершенно бесплатна и открыта - это гениально! Нужно всеми силами поддерживать этот проект! А те кто смотрит только на иконки смотрите дальше вам это не интересно.


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