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Bugfixes: We now target Win2K3 SP2 compatibility

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Hello Community,

We are proud to announce, that we finally changed our target from 2K3SP1 to 2K3SP2, which will gain a big amount of software compatibility.

The work has been done by Stefan Ginsberg, our new, old developer, based on former research by Hermes Belusca-Maito and the help of Thomas Faber. Stefan was part of the development team some time ago but left for personal reasons. We are glad and thankful to welcome him again. He has many tasty pieces of cake on his todo-list which we can enjoy all together, so be prepared for some REALLY AWESOME STUFF.

Why do we have a bigger compatibility?

Many authors of software, especially proprietary one, test the installed OS version in their installers. If there is no actual service pack is installed, they will throw an error which states that there is a wrong operating system. The fact that we report as most recent service pack now, will let a huge number of installers succeed that failed before. Especially Microsoft ones, as you can read in the next paragraph.

What is the exact impact for Community Edition?

After we successfully fixed Java and made big progress with Chrome, the third one of our candidate apps was sad that it got no real attention until now. The app I am talking about is Office 2010. The fact that it was designed to only work with the latest service packs was a big blocker regarding testing its installation and functionality. Now we can start over to debug as hell to get it working.

We can look forward to a huge amount of fixes in the near future. Stay tuned!!!

As a proof I attach a screenshot of Windows' and ReactOS' 'VER' command.
Robert Naumann

sometimes providing general help in the form of small patches regarding translation, resources and stubbing missing functionality. Also helps out with PR related things.

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