ReactOS Community EditionYou pushed the button!

Imagine an operating system able to run your favorite apps on your favorite hardware that's totally free and open source. And the best thing: you're the one calling the shots.

Promote your apps

You decide which apps should run on the ReactOS Community Edition and the Team will focus their efforts on making it happen!.

Ready to work!

Select your favorite apps during the installation, and they'll be waiting for you in the end, properly installed. ReactOS Apps Manager moves to a whole new level!

Community Driven!

You pilot it. You're the one choosing the apps and drivers that ReactOS Community Edition should be compatible with. But...more surprises are coming soon!

Discover the Cake!

Well, this is not a feature, but it's funny after all. Discover the "Cake" among our Stretch Goals.


Hello Explorer.exe!

ReactOS Community Edition includes a whole new explorer. This is just the beginning. Lots of surprises will come!

Push your hardware!

We plan to work on supporting tons of hardware pieces. Why not beginning with your favorite hardware pieces first? You can take control of the development of ReactOS Community Edition!

ReactOS Point Four

ReactOS Community Edition will be powered by the ReactOS 0.4 kernel which is being forged. An impressive step forward in terms of stability and compatibility.

Light and Powerful

Your hardware resources are there to be used by your apps. We don't believe in bloated Operating Systems. We don't believe in OSes stealing resources for what really matters: Your daily work.

Interested? Want to support ReactOS Community Edition?

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